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Choosing the SEO reseller without making the research and efforts will put the business into trouble. Before hiring the SEO resellers you can take the research and verify the clarifications with them like the experience in the reselling field, following the white label SEO, solving both the technical and the non technical queries because the reseller management is important. First check their website whether it has high page rank in the search engines, and then verify whether they have the valid physical address and the valid contact number.
The resellers must be happy to produce the details about their previous clients so that you can check with them about the projects. For this the SEO reseller must have to build the positive reputation among the clients. They have to be easily reachable either through phone or email. The regular business people will receive the huge discounts in the SEO work. They will send you the monthly report about the work status like traffic rate, number of visitors to the website and make sure that they don’t follow the illegal black hat method by the search engines. The SEO reseller program is the process of bringing the customer to the SEO Company and the commission is paid to the SEO reseller for every project thus all the three parties are benefited by the SEO reseller plan. The resellers must be updated with the changing algorithm of the major search engines like Google. Some of the services also offer the money back guarantee plan for their clients.


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It was in November, 2005, when three partners decided to explore South Texas, in order to search natural gas reserves and that was the commencing point for setting up the giant natural gas and petroleum harvesting company, the ‘Texas Allied Petroleum’ or simply Tap Management Inc.Thus, it’s been five years that TAP Inc. is developing natural gas and petroleum wells, not only in Texas, but also in other prominent areas of United States including Oklahoma, Wyoming, Louisiana and Kansas. The first well drilled by the TAP team was named North Loeher Ranch #1 and is still considered to be one of the greatest commercial assets held by the company.
Tap Management Inc. is being registered with several associations including The Austin Chamber of Commerce and the Dunn & Bradstreet. There are various essential steps, which must be taken care of before developing and producing Oil and Gas reserves at a certain place. One of the major tasks is the ‘prospect evaluation’ stage. This is considered as the most crucial part of the entire process. Only after, it is ensured that the place is appropriate for investing money, time and effort, other steps like fund raising and developing wells should be brought into execution. Tap Management Inc.has always considered these basic rules and has been combining hard work with dedication, in searching major oil and gas resources throughout the entire globe, so that their production can meet the customer needs.
Since 2005, the company has successfully expanded its methodologies and various strategies. Techniques like drilling with the help of a 3D Seismic technology along with a number of new strategies such as force pooling, surface discharge, artificial lift, water flood, acquiring production and many more have contributed to the expansion of the company’s profile. According to the reports, it has been found that Tap Management Inc.has been growing significantly with an average rate of 100% every year. Continuous effort to come out with new and innovative approaches has brought the company to a position, where in the present date, it owns around 80 oil and gas harvesting wells, all over the United States.
It always focused on meeting the risk-reward criterion, by targeting specific regions in the various oil and gas fields. Jeff Welber, who recently joined Tap Management Inc.., has stated that the main goal of the company is nothing but to find out efficient resources and design wells, which can successfully extenuate the various risks.

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