Always Research Motels

I have had a number of really bad experiences at different motels while travelling across the country.  Because I travel quite a bit for work, I often find myself in towns and cities that I am not familiar with, and there have been a couple of times in which I have ended up staying in a bad part of town or in a hotel or motel that offered horrible service.  This is something that can completely ruin a trip for you, and that is why I decided a long time ago that I would always research the different motels and hotels in any given town before I decided to book a room in one.  This was no different when I took my business trip to Medford, and so before I even got on the plane headed there, I ran an internet search for motels in Medford Oregon.  I decided that I would never end up in a bad situation again, and that is why this was such an important step for me.

I looked into a whole bunch of reviews about these motels and hotels in order to see what other travellers had to say about them.  Many of these reviews would give me a good idea about whether or not the part of town was a good place to stay, and they would also let me know if the motel or hotel was nice.  I wanted to make sure that I was comfortable while on my trip, and that is why doing this kind of research was so important.

Now that I research these lodgings before I actually take my trip, I am almost certain to enjoy my stay at whatever motel or hotel I end up choosing.  I am glad that I have chosen to do this.